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The CEO of Mandrien Consulting Group is Rusty Solomon, who has a history of success matched only by his current company’s. Mandrien Consulting Group is a high quality management consulting firm that works exclusively with companies based in the title insurance and mortgage industries.

Prior to becoming CEO of Mandrien Consulting Group, Rusty Solomon was at Linear Title and Closing, where he worked as the National Managing Director. In this position, he was in charge of oversight and shaping of the company’s vision regarding issues like quality assurance, business process development, risk management, compliance, technology, title operations, and national licensing strategies. While he worked at Linear Title and Closing, he was also a Director at NexGen Compliance Solutions, a company that provided new and innovative technologies for the mortgage and title industries.

Before he was with Linear Title and Closing, Rusty Solomon was the President of AdvantEdge Real Estate Systems, which was a real estate services firm. This firm specialized in unique closing solutions and expeditious abstracting. Rusty Solomon worked as an analyst at the Lightstone Group in New York City before working for AdvantEdge Real Estate Systems. During his time there, he report to Lightstone Principals regarding the acquisition of a $638 million company called Prime Retail, Inc. This was the single largest real estate transaction in the history of the Lightstone Group.

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